Kingdom Leaders

Baron- The highest authority in the Barony of Midgard. His word is Law (Odin Asgard)

Grand Diplomat- This leader is in charge of foreign relations with surrounding countries and is responsible for trade agreements and alliances abroad. Frigga

Whispercrafter- This leader helps minimize threats from within the Barony as well as from without. Works heavily with the Royal Assasin to eliminate criminal elements. (Tane Rogarvia)

High Adjudicator- The shadowy blade of the Baron. The High Adjudicator eliminates threats quietly before they actually become a problem. Akiros Ismort

High Alchemister- Responsible for higher learning within the Barony. The High Alchemister pursues magical studies as well as scientific projects to aid the developing kingdom. Demelvar Sprigglemort

Warden- The Warden keeps order through out the cities of the Barony and is responsible for training the town and city guardsman as well as upholding the laws set forth by the Baron. Kestin Garess

Vulpes- The leader of the Barony’s armies and militia, the Vulpes is responsible for dealing with over threats from beyond the Barony’s borders. (Vulpes DiThessius)

Vaultkeeper- The Vaultkeeper supervises all deposits and withdrawals from the Barony’s vault and is responsible for making sure that all taxes are collected promptly. Oleg Leveton

Councillor- The voice of the people, the Councillor is repsonsible for advising the Baron on his people’s concerns and dealing with the various trade guilds and organizations within Barony’s borders. Svetlana Leveton

High Priest- The spiritual leader of the Barony. The High priest is responsible for religious ceremonies and caring for the spiritual well-being of the people. Jhod Kavken

First Reconnaissance- The First Reconnaissance enforces law in the rural parts of the Kingdom. The Marshall is also responsible for civil relations with the local Fey creatures. (Tyr Reylis)

Kingdom Leaders

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