Fey Leader


Female Dryad Druid 6

Str:8 Dex:20 Con:16 Int:14 Wis:20 Cha:22


Tiressia is one of 2, formerly 3, Fey leaders in the Narlmarches. Along with Melianse they guard the forest and rivers to the best of their abilities and help and guide non-evil Fey.

Tiressia along with her lover, a Satyr named Falchos, attempted to destroy a sadistic plant known as a Scythe Tree but failed, Falchos and Tiressia suffering terrible wounds. They then tried to rally the forest’s Fey but too few were willing to risk their lives and with the Forest’s guardian having been murdered the year before, all seemed lost.

When Perlivash and Tyg-Titter-Tut arrived and told her that the really nice and prank loving people that ran a small kingdom based in the Kamelands wanted to ally with the Fey she was hopeful that they might help her. She told the 2 small Fey her troubles and Perlivash set out to find the Aesir because he could fly he left Tyg-Titter-Tut with Tiressia.

Upon meeting with the Aesir when Perlivash brought them back 2 days later she was impressed not only were they willing to help her with no coaxing, but they seemed to genuinely want to ally with the Fey of the forest. Tiressia met with Melianse after the Scythe Tree was destroyed and they agreed to ally with the fledgling nation, the Fey watch for threats from the forest and the Aesir help protect it as needed.

Tiressia loves the new alliance, The Aesir have even established a City for the Fey so that some of the more bashful fey might come to learn that some humans are thoughtful of nature and kind. She knows that Midgard has a uphill battle to convince all of its citizens that Fey are people too, he does welcome the added security that the alliance brings and that the forest is left alone for the most part.


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