Tane Rogarvia

Leader- Spy Master, devotee of Erastil


Mechanical Data:
Male, Human
Class: Fighter (4), Rogue (7)

Strength: 10 (14)
Dexterity: 18 (22)
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 14

Favored weapons:
Melee- Aldori Dueling Sword and Kukri (two-weapon fighting) or Aldori Dueling Sword and buckler
Ranged- Skybolt, the magical composite longbow gifted to the Aesir by the Noman Centaurs after the Aesir aided the Noman of the Dunsward and all of Varnhold against the cyclopes-lich Vordekai

Tane is a surviving bastard son of the late Malcolm Rogarvia. Though not of noble birth, Tane has survived more than a decade since the death of his father and the following disappearance of the Rogarvia lineage. Having been in hiding for most of ten years, Tane heard rumor of civil war brewing in Brevoy and decided to seek his fortunes in the south. The Stolen Lands are rich with danger and spoils… and the Sword Lords of Restov were looking for brash young fools to tame the southern borders of Brevoy to bolster the south against raiders… more secretly to gain an ally against house Surtova in the coming conflict. Tane is skilled in martial combat and stealth, with a penchant for precision attacks and guile. He has training in healing and is no stranger to field surgery, as well as a knack for disabling complex mechanical devices including locks and traps. A smattering of alchemical know-how, with a basic knowledge of the natural world. Tane is also versed in diplomatic endeavors and is a natural linguist, always striving to learn new languages to expand his already impressive knowledge of speech. As Spymaster in the Resplendent Court of the Glorius Aesir (or whatever name the great Alchemist Demelvar has contrived that week), Tane keeps a broad network of associates and informants with only a handful of trusted advisors and agents at his command. The intrigues of the budding nation can make Tane seem paranoid and cynical, but at heart he’s an idealist that is doing his part to stay true to Erastil’s tenants of community. Tane has adopted the mantle of a watchful stag, tending the herd and culling darker influences without impeding the growth or individuality of the herd at large.

Tane Rogarvia

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