Svetlana Leveton


Lv 8 Expert

Str:8 Dex:9 Con:10 Int:11 Wis:12 Cha:17


Kind and generous, Svetlana isn’t what you would call the best looking but is none the less liked by many. Although she didn’t want the position as voice of the people she does enjoy it as it brings her a sense of community with out the nasty politics.

She also happens to make some of the best Moon Radish soup around and often brings it to the open court.

Svetlana has been quite busy representing the people, its good work but she doesn’t get to see Oleg as much, she has recently hired someone to balance her workload so she has more free time to spend with Oleg.

Sventlana has been spending much if not all of her free time taking care of her baby and Oleg.

Svetlana Leveton

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