Golarion Calendar

The Golarion year has 12 months with 52 weeks in total each week having 7 days. The months correspond to one of several popular Deities. In Absalom Reckoning, the standard calendar for Golarion, a leap day is added to the month of Arodus for every year divisible by 8.

Days of the week

Moonday Work day some religious rites held in the evening

Toilday Work day

Wealday Work day

Oathday Work day, pacts signed, oaths sworn

Fireday Work day, Market day

Starday Work day

Sunday Rest day, Religious services held on this day

Months of the year

Abadus Winter

Calistril Winter

Pharast Spring

Gozran Spring

Desnus Spring

Sarenith Summer

Erastus Summer

Arodus Summer

Rova Autumn

Lamashan Autumn

Neth Autumn

Kuthona Winter

These months correspond to the following Deities: Abadar, Calistria, Pharasma, Gozreh, Desna, Sarenrae, Erastil, Aroden, Rovagug, Lamashtu, Nethys, Zon-Kuthon

Golarion Calendar

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