Oleg Leveton

Treasurer of Midgard


Lv 8 Expert

Str:11 Dex:9 Con:10 Int:12 Wis:17 Cha:8


Former operator of Oleg’s trading post, that all changed when he and his wife were invited to help run a new Kingdom with the heroes that had saved them, Oleg figured that this was a good opportunity to create something that wasn’t mired in politics. He now serves as kingdom treasurer.

The Aesir have done an excellent job of building a Kingdom Oleg can call home with his wife, the politicking is non-existent within the Aesir and the nobles of the country seem to keep it in check as well. His job is easy and allows him to spend time improving Olegton, his wife is quite a bit more busy and it annoys him that he now has to jockey for her time.

Oleg and Svetlana had a baby boy, he is quite proud of both and spends all his free time taking care of the baby and his wife.

Oleg Leveton

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