Fey River Queen


Female Nixie Sorcerer 11

Str:6 Dex:20 Con:16 Int:14 Wis:10 Cha:24


Nixie princess of the Rivers of the Greenbelt.

Melianse is one of 2, formerly 3, Fey that guard the Narlmarches and guide the good and netural Fey of the forest. Melianse is charged with protecting the Thorn, Skunk and Murque Rivers, using the Tuskwater and Candlemere to transition between the 3.

She has ventured all over the Sellen river network over the coarse of her life and has traveled far and wide before settling in a small pond at a bend in the Skunk River about 20 miles upstream of the rivers entrance into the Tuskwater. Melianse cares little for human affairs as she has seen the depredations they inflict on peace loving forests, Fey and animals. With counsel from Tiressia she has agreed to ally with Midgard as they seem to have the forest and Fey’s best interests at heart, she mostly attributes this to Demelvar.

Melianse has come to enjoy Demelvars company and they continue to devise new and more elaborate pranks to pull on each other.


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