Jhod Kavken


Lv 10 Cleric

Str:10 Dex:8 Con:13 Int:12 Wis:19 Cha:14


Jhod made a terrible mistake in his past and was banished from the church of Erastil. Praying for guidance Erastil lead him to Oleg’s trading post with visions of a croup ted temple, but visions stopped there. So he enlisted the aid of the Aesir to help and after they cleared the temple he was absolved of his sins. Jhod now serves as high priest for the nation until they can “Find someone better.”

Self-doubting after his mistake Jhod has little self confidence but a good heat and a willingness to forgive and help.

Jhod has come to accept his new role and has been striving to bring a sense of community to the fledgling nation, he spends half his time in the capital and the other half at the temple of the Elk. He continues to hope and guide the Aesir to do the right thing.

Jhod Kavken

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