Kestin Garess


Lv 9 Fighter

Str:19 Dex:8 Con:13 Int:10 Wis:12 Cha:14


Leader of the free irregulars and now city guard of the nation. Kesten was dis-owned by his father after he was caught with a common woman. Kesten fled to Restov and formed a small mercenary band so he could re-gain his honor by defending a small border outpost. No as warden of a small nation he feels he has regained much of that.

His father is a noble born of House Garess and one of the houses siding with House Surtova.

Kesten has had his hands full organizing and training all the new guards, he has taken great pride that he has not lost a single guard yet. Although his investigation skills are lacking he is thankful that Odin is available to call on. He still harbors deep resentment towards his father and has yet to contact his old flame that got him kicked out of his house.

Kestin Garess

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